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Rolling F Credit Union ranks on the first page on Bing and #1 on Google. We had the pleasure of building their first website in 2015.

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Search Engine Optimization

Let's face it, a great looking website is only the beginning. To get the results you're looking for, you need to get traffic and lots of it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting ahead of the pack. At Red Truck Designs, we utilize the best tools in the industry to optimize your rankings on the web. We analyze your site as well as your competitors to get you results. We use the latest technology to identify key web development issues of your existing website. We fix these issues so your site has a strong foundation for the other search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Understand that search engine optimization in many respects is a guessing game. It relies on creating a good foundation of web development, so the building blocks of SEO can rest firmly. Good SEO services rely on sticking with tried and true search engine optimization techniques rather than the latest tricks that “break” your ranks with the latest Google or Bing update.

SEO services are generally not cheap and much like building a credit rating, proper seo services take time, patience and being a steward of good sound judgment. The first step for any project is a website analysis. We offer a website analysis for $50 that identifies key issues that may be holding your site back.
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Proper SEO is built on a good web development foundation

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1. Website Analysis
Website analysis is the first place to start for search engine optimization. It provides us with plenty of details as to the health of your website and identifies key issues that need to be fixed to create a solid foundation for SEO.
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7. Press Releases
Many companies don’t do this and don’t understand that press releases can dramatically increase your search engine rankings both locally and nationally. Large media companies usually rank very good on search engines, having these websites posting about your business can only lead to good things.
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2. Keyword Research
This involves understanding your client and how they research information online and what search queries they use to find your goods and/or services. A successful SEO campaign must begin with quality keyword research.
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8. Article Submission
Bloggers and informational websites are always looking for content to talk about. Article submissions to key people within your industry will not only help in search engine optimization, it gives your business excellent exposure.
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3. Competitors Analysis
Let’s not recreate the wheel here. We look at your local competitors along with national companies that provide the same goods or services that you do to see what is already working and where there may be places to capitalize on markets that they are not targeting.
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9. Directory Submission
Whoever said the yellow pages was dead, was dead wrong. Sites like the yellow pages and directories will help build links to your site and many times direct visitors to your site. There are hundreds are directories that your customers can choose to find your product or service, make sure that you are covering all of them to build proper seo for your website.
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4. Webpage Optimization
Now that we have a good analysis of your website, the proper keyword research that has been done and we understand where the competitors are winning and where there may be some opportunity, webpage optimization is then performed. SEO services that miss this step are missing out on many of the key factors that search engine crawlers are using to rank your site. Proper structure and good seo techniques combined with relevance and website popularity is what is used to rank a website.
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10. Quality Link Building
As social media with emerge the leaders in the market, quality link building separate the men from the boys. The key to link building is understanding where and what a quality backlink is. Reaching out to these companies and websites to get your site linked to theirs. Search engines use these links to identify key businesses to send their users to.
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5. Social Media Integration
This is where leaders begin to emerge. Social media is key to building your brand and engaging your customers, but is also a key metric in how websites are ranked online. Red Truck Designs provide social media marketing services and social media consultation to companies just like yours.
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11. Monthly Report
What good is creating a great plan, and doing the work without understanding where you are succeeding at and where there may be areas that need to be redirected or addressed? Monthly reports will keep your search engine optimization on target.
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6. Blog Submission
Blogs not only provide keyword density that help Google and Bing understand more of what your website is about, it also provides your visitors with answers to many of their questions. Blogs can engage your customers and help them find more products or services that you provide. A blog strategy must be looked at to keep from keyword stuffing that will actually reduce your search engine rankings.